Successful Development of Kitchen Waste Treatment System

2019-11-21 0

On November 18-20, 2019, the company organized R & D, production, quality, sales and other departments, led by the board of directors of the company, with the participation of leaders in charge, to conduct a comprehensive acceptance of the product R & D project of HANSUN kitchen waste treatment system.

Acceptance items include drawings, product manufacturing quality, various indexes, operation parameters, equipment reliability, safety, operation comfort, appearance aesthetics, etc.

After sufficient market research, the kitchen waste treatment system set up a project team on October 16, 2018, and started specific design, production, test and other work. After multiple rounds of drawings, prototype, test review and repeated improvement, the product has become mature and has the conditions for market application.

The system is applied to occasion with large number of people and large amount of food waste, including cruise ships, buildings, schools and resorts.

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According to the market demand, the system can be divided into two kinds of processing methods: wet process and dry process. The wet process can be used for less personnel and less kitchen waste treatment or can be discharged after crushing. For large number of personnel, large amount of food waste treatment, limited space and zero emission requirements, dry process can be selected.

After acceptance, all indexes of the project meet the design requirements, the production quality is good, and the acceptance result is qualified. At the same time, three requirements and four improvement measures are put forward.

At the same time, new requirements are put forward: strike while the iron is hot and press ahead. The technical, production and quality inspection personnel shall be responsible and responsible, and the sales personnel shall vigorously publicize and promote. The quality of products shall be finally evaluated by the market and arbitrated by users. We should not only be a regular product, but also a leading product. We should not only be able to use products, but also be good at using products and durable products!

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